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We Clothe ~ Feed ~ Educate ~ Empower

Geraldine's Closet

Geraldine's Closet gives access to free clothing each week to help alleviate poverty by providing free clothing to underserved, low-income individuals and families. The closet serves as a resource to help alleviate clothing expense and to build self-esteem and confidence.  The closet provides clothing for babies, youth, women and men We give access to clothing that is needed for everyday, job interviews, career attire, special occasions and church attire. The closet also gives access to personal hygiene, socks and winter coats to keep individuals and families warm during the winter months.  Open every Wednesday from 3p to 5p, Thursday from 2p to 5p and every 2nd and 4th Saturday form 12p to 2pm.

We Can Do Good

 The We Can Do Good program brings food security to those in need by providing weekly distribution of free meals and groceries. We assist families who endure various challenges in life, driven by ongoing economic uncertainty, rising food cost and unemployment. Our program mission is to ensure underserved and low-income individuals and families receive food security ensuring resources and services are available to households struggling to make ends meet. The We Can Do Good program allows us to do good and bring good food to youth, individuals and families. As part of this program, we provide healthy food choices as well as workshops to promote healthy eating and lifestyles to help reduce health issues and disparities. We also focus on providing youth with healthy nutritious snacks during times of teaching, empowerment and during the summer months. We provide Thanksgiving basket to families so that they may enjoy and provide a time to celebrate the holiday.

The Legacy Learning Academy

Our mission is to serve underserved youth.The number of youths reporting poor mental health is increasing according to the Center for Disease Control, building strong bonds and connecting youth can protect their mental health.  Through the Legacy Learning Academy, we are giving youth an advantage by connecting them to caring adults to build self-esteem, confidence, courage and character. We give youth access to learning. mentoring and development after school on the weekends to empower them to be a positive influence and impact their communities. The youth meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 12p to 2p to cultivate an atmosphere of learning, arts & crafts, workshops on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, computer training and more.

Legacy Life 

Empowering families to cope and thrive through life challenges, breaking cycles of poverty by providing essential resources and education. Being a resource to families to help them overcome poverty and the mental stresses that come with it.  Our focus is to help families overcome stress, depression and anxiety through monthly mind motivation and access to free clothing and food.  We have opportunities for adults to come together to find solutions to become mentally stable to handle life challenges by providing workshops on financial literacy, homeownership, healthy lifestyles and provide information and access to wrap around services by partnering with other organizations. We also provide opportunities for workforce development to give families access to training for jobs interviews, job readiness as well as connecting with employers for job vacancies. 

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Yes Centered 

The Legacy Learning Academy meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 12pm to 2pm at 239 Buxton Avenue, Newport News  2nd Saturday is our “Train Up A Child” curriculum teaching biblical principles that address self-esteem, confidence, courage, character, conflict resolution and love.  ​4th Saturday we concentrate on workshops that will enhance skills in computers, reading, literacy, writing, entrepreneurship and soon STEM. ​Each session includes lunch and a time to interact with each other to build social skills. We also assist with school supplies and offer Christmas assistance to those enrolled in the program. ​We also assist with school supplies and offer Christmas assistance to those enrolled in the program. 

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